Ovarian Malignant Tumor Detected by Objective Ultrasound GLHW Tissue Characterization
Kazuo Maeda,Paul E Kihaile | 08th March, 2017
Aims: To try to detect malignancy of ovarian masses using ultrasound tissue characterization gray level histogram width
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Colorectal Cancer in Egypt: Clinical, Life-Style, and Socio-Demographic Risk Factors
Essam A. El-Moselhy,Ahmed M. Hassan,Diaa M. El-Tiby,Alaa Abdel-Wahed,Abd-Elnaser S. Mohammed,Ayman Abd El-Aziz | 14th April, 2017
Aim: To determine the clinical, life-style, and socio-demographic risk factors of CRC in Egypt. Patients and Methods: A
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Dying to be Thin: Mortality After Bariatric Surgery
Bethany Malone,Michael Subichin,Michael Firstenberg,Joel Porter | 19th June, 2017
Introduction: Bariatric surgery is increasingly common. Sustained benefits include weight loss, diabetes resolution, and
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Subjective Happiness and Academic Procrastination Among Medical Students: The Dilemma of Unhappy and Lazy Pupils
Syed Imran Ali Shah,Asim Mumtaz,Akhtar Sohail Chughtai | 20th July, 2017
Objective: To investigate the frequency of subjective happiness and academic procrastination in medical students and det
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The Controversial Role of Forkhead Box F2 (FOXF2) Transcription Factor in Breast Cancer
Pang-Kuo Lo | 22nd July, 2017
Deregulating the subcellular localization, functions and expression of Forkhead box (FOX) transcription factors that are
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Becoming Better ‘Dying’ Healthcare Workers
Paul J Moon | 11th August, 2017
Introduction: Healthcare workers are not immune to death-anxiety and fear of mortality.Such dynamics have been shown to
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Complete Denture in Digital Era
Claudia Florina Andreescu | 14th August, 2017
 Utilization of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) increases in dental prosthetics. From
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The Epigenetic Theory of Carcinogenesis: Investigation of the model of age-specific incidence
Patrick A Riley | 03rd October, 2017
To test the applicability of the epigenetic theory of carcinogenesis a comparison has been made between the predictions
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Detection of heavy metals in honey samples using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)
Ishana Aggarwal | 28th December, 2017
Honey is a composite mixture of various carbohydrates, enzymes, flavonoids and organic acids. It is used for a wide vari
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